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Focus on code development, not version control

SnapshotCM provides the functionality you need, simply and efficiently.

Powerful Workspaces: Your private workspace is the center of your development, and SnapshotCM lets you configure it as you want. You can incorporate files from multiple projects, you can put them wherever you want, and apply powerful filtering to focus on what matters to you, and then see—at a glance—pending actions across them all. more »

Project Branching: Create independent branches utilizing our reliable branching and merging. And we make merge easy, handling all the details, so you can get on to other things. more »

Seamless Integration: You can work in your current environment seamlessly using our integration with popular IDEs, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse. Are you traveling? Simply work disconnected, and easily sync when back on the network. SnapshotCM installs quickly, with a small footprint—and no loading—on the client.

Simply Powerful: SnapshotCM's power and flexibility allow you to focus on your code development, rather than how to make it happen in version control.