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November, 2010.

This year I've spent a bit of time understanding what users like about SnapshotCM. I've listened as they've told me what they think SnapshotCM does well, and not so well. I've listened as users have compared SnapshotCM with other tools they are familiar with. I've listened as they've shared their desires. In doing so, I've gained a greater appreciation for what we are doing right.

Users love the release graph, the ease of merging between snapshots, the multiple-snapshot workspace model, and the low administration. We look more in-depth into one of these strengths in our feature article, which explores what we do right with merge, and a key capability that many popular tools neglect.

We also continue our examination of the implications of computer industry trends for CM, and include an In Depth look at how SnapshotCM maintains and uses workspace file state.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas.

Scott Kramer

Effective Merging for Everyone

Best practices and tool requirements for hassle-free effective merging.

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Industry Trends

We continue our look at computing industry trends and implications for CM.

This month: disk performance.

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Release Notes

What's new in the latest releases; recommended releases; Eclipse plug-in update.

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In Depth

Detailed information on how SnapshotCM maintains and uses workspace file state.

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Links We Like

Links we find interesting, fun, or occasionally useful.

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