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Company Information

Our Mission

True Blue Software Company was formed in 1999 with two goals:

  1. to advance the state of the art and practice of software configuration management (SCM), and
  2. to generate sufficient revenue to enable us to continue to do so.

We believe a key to improving SCM art involves better concepts. In a similar vein, improving SCM practice involves both better understanding of SCM concepts, and better tools to support that understanding. Our first product, SnapshotCM, is based on ideas originally formulated at Carnegie Mellon University and later developed at Hewlett Packard Company. We believe these ideas significantly advance SCM art.

Our Vision

True Blue Software envisions a future where configuration management of thousands of files by dozens of team members is as easy and understandable as it is today for one developer with one file. We believe three elements are key to making this happen:

  1. Advanced concepts that raise the level of CM abstraction. Examples: operating on projects rather than on files, promoting changes rather than manipulating tags, updating workspaces rather than checking out files, etc.
  2. Sophisticated implementations that provide turn-key solutions to common tasks, rather than merely providing mechanisms for implementing solutions. Mistakes are too easy and frequent when directly manipulating thousands of files, all of which must be exactly right.
  3. Insightful interfaces that help users and administrators clearly understand their project state and perform desired operations efficiently and without error. All too often it takes an expert hours to answer simple questions like: Were the patches made to release 2.3 included in release 2.4? Or, What were the patches made to release 2.3? Or even, What releases have we done?

SnapshotCM not only incorporates advanced concepts, but its sophisticated snapshot and workspace technologies handle the details so you don't have to become an SCM expert. We believe you'll agree that it is a much needed step in the right direction.

How to Contact Us
Mailing Address: True Blue Software Company
5214 Keystone Creek Ct.
Fort Collins, CO 80528-8556
United States of America
Telephone: +1-970-223-1200
FAX: 970-223-9270