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Release News

The current release is 1.84.1 (A.10.10) October 7, 2010, and we recommend that all users running 1.84 or any 1.83 release, update to 1.84.1 for best stability. Most of these earlier releases were to fix problems in the new workspace code, which had significant changes to support mounting multiple snapshots. In addition to the fixes, a few key features and improvements were also added, which we highlight here.

1.83.6 added a context menu to the compare browser for quick, multi-item resolving of conflicts. Rather than opening the customize resolution dialog for each file with a content conflict, simply highlight the conflicts you want to resolve in a similar way, then right click and select the merge operation you want to perform. The context menu allows you to select merge, resolve to source, or resolve to target actions.

1.83.6 also updated TkDiff on Windows to be more friendly by forcing fonts to be fixed width and height.

1.84 updated the server database code to support a larger database capacity. Database addresses are 32 bits in an 8:24 configuration, where 8 bits select the table, and 24 bits select the record. This release supports changing that split to be 4:28, for a 16x increase in record capacity. The dbck database checker was also enhanced to report on capacity usage. If you are approaching maximum capacity of your existing database, please contact us for a tool to edit your database addresses from the existing 8:24 format to the 4:28 format.

1.84 also updated the GUI's Project Release graph to provide a more compact and friendly display of your releases. Also included were several changes to facilitate evaluation ease: New databases are created with demo files and projects, and configured to create new user accounts automatically on first access. (This feature can be later disabled, and is disabled in existing databases.)

1.84.1 updated the wdiff unified and context diff output headers to conform to the standard form.

For more release details, see the Change List, or contact us.

Recommended Releases

The following releases are recommended:

If you are running any other release, we recommend that you update to the latest version that your license allows.

Eclipse Integration Update

SnapshotCM's integration with Eclipse now works with SnapshotCM 1.83 and 1.84 releases. The new plug-in supports 1.81.01 - 1.82.08 and 1.83.6 and newer versions of SnapshotCM. Download here, unzip and add to your plugins directory. See also the Brief Guide to using the SnapshotCM Plug-in for Eclipse.

The SnapshotCM plug-in for Eclipse implements locking files on edit, checking out and in, updating the workspace, and viewing history (including linking history display with selection). This is not "release" quality, but is a start Eclipse users should find useful.

If you make use of it, let me know so I can notify you of updated versions.