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SnapshotCM Newsletter for February, 2013


  • Editor's Blog
    • 2012 Highlights
    • 2013 Goals
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Editor's Blog

Now that 2013 is well underway, I'm going to reflect on the significant benefits available to SnapshotCM users that were added last year, as well as reveal some new features we hope to have available this spring.

First, the 2012 highlights:

  • January - Add scorch re-initialization of existing workspace for very fast build setup.
  • March - Improve server performance under load. Maintain throughput when overloaded.
  • March - Improve user understanding by adding change comments to Compare Browser.
  • March - Improve ability to import code from SVN.
  • June - Automate multi-project product-line operations. Facilitate project sharing and reuse.
  • June - Support drag/drop of files from workspace browser onto external tools.
  • August - Deliver 10x faster check outs through server improvements.
  • September - Automatically ignore (hide) files the user doesn't want to check out or see.
  • November - Automatically import files the user cares about.

For Spring of 2013, we have two goals. The first, is to support staging all file changes in the workspace such that they can be checked in in one operation. This means that you will be able to stage renames, imports, deletes, content and other attribute changes in the workspace without checking anything in. Once all changes are made and validated, you will be able to commit them to the snapshot in a single operation.

The second goal is for SnapshotCM to recognize externally renamed, moved and deleted files and automatically stage them appropriately. Tools like Eclipse can make significant changes to a project's file structure when refactoring, and our goal is for SnapshotCM to be able to recognize the refactoring and do the right thing, automatically, without the need for any special integration.

But while you are waiting for these changes, be sure to update to the most recent SnapshotCM release to take advantage of all the benefits already available to you.

For a complete list of user-visible changes, see the Change List, or contact us.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas.

Scott Kramer

Recommended Releases

If you haven't upgraded, now is the time. contains the latest fixes and performance enhancements and has proven to be stable.

  • - Stable version with the latest fixes and performance enhancements.

If you are running any other release, we recommend that you update to the latest recommended version that your license allows.

For a complete list of user-visible changes, see the Change List.

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