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SnapshotCM Advantage 4: Attribute Versioning

True Attribute Versioning versions all types of changes to provide a complete and robust versioning solution. Whether you need to add new files, remove or rename existing files, change a file mode or how keywords are handled, or change any other attribute, all your changes are versioned. And since everything is versioned, you can robustly and reliably reproduce old versions of your project.

The following attributes are versioned:

Versioned Attribute Description
Name The base name of the file or directory. This is an attribute of the object rather than being stored as the content of the containing directory. Therefore, rename/create/delete operations affect the object, not its parent.
Parent The parent directory is referenced by id, not path, so that changes to the parent's attributes affect the parent only, not every child of the parent.
Content (files only) Stored in one of several formats chosen automatically by SnapshotCM for efficiency of storage and/or access performance.
Unix mode The user/group/other read/write/execute bits of posix/unix systems
Text/binary type End-of-line editing is applied to text files, and not to binary files.
Keyword handling How, or if, keywords are expanded during check out.
Existence Tracks whether the file is active, or if it is deleted (but still recoverable).

In addition to the versioned file and directory attributes, each history revision stores the author, content size, date of change, a comment describing the change, relationships with other revisions, and snapshot to which the change was originally applied.

The bottom line is that everything is versioned so that no change made to one snapshot will affect any other snapshot. This clear benefit, together with the powerful team development, lightening performance and graphical versioning advantages of SnapshotCM, give you four great reasons to adopt SnapshotCM. But there are more. Prove it to yourself and download your free, non-expiring copy today.

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