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SnapshotCM Advantage: Workspace Efficiency

View a one minute demo of SnapshotCM's workspace in action. We suggest viewing in HD quality.

Workspace Efficiency applies snapshot changes to your workspace accurately and efficiently. When you integrate others' changes, your workspace is easily and quickly synchronized. SnapshotCM's global knowledge of changes of all types—renames, deletes, creates, modes and file content—means you don't have to manually apply changes to your workspace. SnapshotCM simply handles it.

Workspace ActionsWhat's more, because of the global knowledge of your workspace, SnapshotCM displays, in real time, the needed workspace actions. In the example at right, a modified file is shown as needing to be checked in by a blue left pointing arrow icon, a file which is out of date in your workspace is shown with a green right pointing arrow, and a file which has a merge conflict is shown with a double ended red arrow. These, and other needed actions, are shown accurately even for files which are not locked.

In addition, the workspace browser and command-line tools provide a number of filters to efficiently show only the items of interest. The standard filters include:

Workspace Filters
  1. All Files
  2. Out-of-date Files
  3. Files Not in Snapshot
  4. Files Not in Workspace
  5. Recoverable Files
  6. Locked Files
  7. My Locked Files
  8. Files Needing Check In
  9. Files Needing Merge

Another significant filter benefit of SnapshotCM is the ability to view files and directories recursively. These global filters mean you don't have to go hunting for files, simply View Files Needing Check In Recursively to see all changes awaiting check in, or View Files Not in Snapshot Recursively to view files not yet imported into SnapshotCM, or in the Snapshot View, View Recoverable Files Recursively to undelete files as necessary.

SnapshotCM also provides accelerators for check in and check out, workspace update, history, difference compare, and more between the Snapshot and Workspace Views of the Workspace Browser shown here:

Workspace Browser Window

As you can see, SnapshotCM's Workspace Browser, with its three pane view, powerful filters, real-time display, and one-button actions, puts you in control with a powerful and efficient presentation of your file state.

The synergistic combination of our workspace and snapshot technologies make SnapshotCM the most effective and efficient solution for your software configuration management problem. Prove it to yourself by downloading your evaluation copy today.

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