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SnapshotCM Advantage: Product-line Perspective

View a one minute demo of SnapshotCM in action. We suggest viewing in HD quality.

SnapshotCM's product-line perspective means that whether your projects are small or large, SnapshotCM provides the perspective you need. SnapshotCM displays, branches and merges a product-line involving dozens of projects contributing to a product as simply as a single-project product. Now that's productive.

SnapshotCM performance is also unmatched.

SnapshotCM also gives you unmatched project branching, tagging, compare and merge performance by efficiently tracking what is different from every other snapshot. You can branch or label projects containing 100,000+ files in an instant. By focusing on only changed items, SnapshotCM delivers the no-wait performance you want and expect.

The types of operations that can take a lot of time in some versioning tools are fast in SnapshotCM. Combine the lightning performance with the visual, high-level view of your project versions (snapshots), and you have two great reasons to adopt SnapshotCM. But there are more. Prove it to yourself by taking advantage of our evaluation and free single user licenses by downloading your copy today.

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