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Enhance your team's productivity
(and your peace of mind)

Keep your team focused on code development and design, not version control, through SnapshotCM's ease of use and strong support. Our ease of use is not merely a nice GUI, but the right concepts, delivered efficiently and effectively. And our low overhead solution means you won't need significant administration support, truly allowing you to focus your whole team on your product, not ours.

The Right Data - The First Time

Ensure that your team is working with the right code, whether from past releases or present efforts. SnapshotCM makes it easy to do the right thing by providing appropriate high-level abstractions. With SnapshotCM, no time is wasted reconstructing past releases, or merging patches into the present release.

Supports Your IDEs

Easily add SnapshotCM to your infrastructure through solid integration with third-party tools. Most IDEs are supported through the Microsoft Source Code Control API, including Visual Studio and Visual Slick Edit, or through the Eclipse plug-in. SnapshotCM also provides seamless integration with third-party diff and merge tools.

Control Access

Control access to projects and lock down releases using SnapshotCM's powerful access control and release freezing features. Whether high-level projects, or releases, or individual files, you have the control you need.

Share Floating Licenses

Floating licenses allow you to share SnapshotCM between infrequent users, reducing your cost, and improving your productivity.

In short, SnapshotCM gives you peace of mind knowing your team is working effectively and productively.