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Command-Line Interface

Command-line client programs offer access to SnapshotCM features uniformly from all platforms. The conveniently named programs are designed for interactive use as well as powerful scripting. The SnapshotCM CLI offers the following key benefits:

SnapshotCM client command syntax is identical across all operating systems.
Server Compatibility
SnapshotCM client commands are compatible with all recent releases of the SnapshotCM server. New features require both new client and server. Our goal is to maintain interoperability so that you can stage new release upgrades when convenient for you.
Simple License Administration
SnapshotCM clients are part of the SnapshotCM product package, and work with any SnapshotCM server. Licensing is handled by the server, so no special client license keys are required.

The Unix-style manual pages (in HTML format on non-unix systems) are part of the SnapshotCM product package and available on-line.