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sscreate - create a new snapshot


sscreate -h host [-fnpqV] path ...


Use sscreate to create a new project or snapshot. If path specifies the initial snapshot in a new project, both the project and initial snapshot will be created.

Path should always begin with a project, as in /project/...

Default Options

Default options can be set on most SnapshotCM commands. See wco(1) for details.


Use to create an empty and disconnected release snapshot. Normally, this is desired only when creating the first release snapshot in a project, in which case this option is not necessary. The script uses this option to create an empty release snapshot for each symbolic name encountered.
Create new snapshots on host.
Display normal output but do not perform the operation. Most error checking still occurs.
Create a project folder rather than a release snapshot. New items at the second and deeper levels of the name hierarchy are normally assumed to be release or development snapshots. Use this option to create a project or project folder at the second level.
Quiet, suppress normal output on success.
Print internal version and exit.


To create a development snapshot under existing /Project/Current:

sscreate -hhost /Project/Current/NewSS

To create a new project with initial snapshot called Current:

sscreate -hhost /NewProject/Current


Exit status is 0 on success, 1 on failure and >1 if there was a bad option or a network error.

See Also

sscompare(1) , sscopy(1) , sslist(1) , sspromote(1) , ssremove(1) , ssrename(1) , ssupdate(1) , wci(1) , wco(1) , whist(1) , wls(1) , wmap(1) , wmerge(1) , wremove(1) , wrename(1) , wset(1) , wupdate(1) .

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